Things To Do After Creating A Blogspot Blog


What will do you do after creating a blog on blogger(BlogSpot)? This is a common question asked by newbie bloggers. In this post, we will show you the most important things you must do after creating a blogspot blog.

1. Add a custom domain on Blogger/BlogSpot

If you’re planning to use blogger as your blogging platform for a couple of months, a good idea is to add a custom domain name for your blog. Buying a domain name is pretty cheap, you can easily get .com or .org in between $10-$13. You can buy .com domain name for $0.99 by using a coupon code (sigler99)on GoDaddy.

2. Choose a suitable template.

You’ve to consider some basic things like SEO optimization, Responsive and speed  before choosing a template for your blog. There are lot blogger templates are scattered on the web. But choosing a best template is little hard for newbie bloggers. So here I’ve made a list of some best blogger templates of 2015. You can grab best template for your blog.

3. Add Required Pages

Pages are a good way for publishers to share the key features of their blog with visitors. You must add about us, contact us and privacy policy to your blog. Check the below screen shot to create static pages on blogger.


4. Removing widgets like Attribution, Navbar etc.

Sometimes some templates contain locked widgets and we can’t remove them easily. Those widgets might contain some unwanted contents which we don’t like to display on our blog. Removing those widgets is not an easy task for newbies. By doing some changes on your template source code, you can unlock them. The source code will look like the screenshot below.


Click ctrl+F to find locked=”true” and replace true with false and save your Template.  Now you can remove the widget.

5. Add Meta Description and Set custom 404 error page

Meta Description is much important for every Blog, but most of us are not paying much attention to it. Meta description describes your site and often appears on the a search engine.You can add the meta description by going to

settings -> Basic -> Description

Like meta description, custom 404 error page is also important. This custom 404 error page is shown when a content is not available. So it is better to have one rather than leaving some odd page to show the error. Example code for creating custom 404 page.

6. Submit your blog to Google webmaster tools.

It’s very important to add your blog to Google Webmaster Tools. So that you can let google to index your blog when a user/ visitor search for an information related to your blog.


7. Add sitemap to Google webmaster tools.

After adding your blog to webmaster tools, you’ve to add sitemap of your blog. To add sitemap select Crawl on the left panel then click on the sitemaps  and hit Add/Test Sitemap on the top right corner & add the following code.


After add the code to text box Press “Submit Sitemap” button and then press the button which says Refresh the page.


Final verdicts,

Hope this article will help you to learn basic BlogSpot blog optimization techniques. It’s not completed yet, will share the remaining techniques in upcoming posts. Happy Blogging!


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