How to Submit Blogger aka Blogspot Blog to Bing Webmaster Tools


Adding your blogspot blog to bing webmaster tool is pretty easy as submit blogpost blog to google webmaster tool.
If you’re thinking that the google is enough for your blog as they are the top search engine then you’re probably wrong. Bing is not big as google but still they are world second popular search engines and yahoo searches also provided by bing.

How to add Blogspot blog to Bing Webmaster Tools?

Step  1 – First open bing webmaster tools and login into it using a microsoft account. If you don’t have a microsoft account then create a new account for free.

add blogger blog to bing webmaster tools

Step 2 – After logged in you have to add your blog’s url. Add your blog url and hit ADD button.

add blogspot to bing webmaster

Step 3 – Now add the sitemap of your blog. To submit your blog’s sitemap just copy the below code and place it to the box with your own blog url.

add blogspot to bing webmaster

Step 4 – After that it will ask you to verify your site by 1 of 3 methods. We will use option 2 copy and paste the meta tag to header section of your blog.

submit blog to bing

Step 5 – After copy the meta tag open your blog’s template and search for <head> tag then place the meta tag right after the <head> tag.

submit blog to bing webmaster tools

Step 6 – Now go back to bing webmaster tools account click the verify button.

That’s all you have successfully add your blog to bing webmaster tool. If you have any doubts just ping me on comments 🙂


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