Review: Legit or Scam with Payment Proofs

0 Small Introduction:- is a free URL shortener website and they will offer a money every time someone clicks on your shortened links. It’s a completely free program from which you can earn some extra cash. Like other url shorteners it also have referral program. With the help of referral program you can fill your wallet with some more money. It is one of the best url shortener 2016 review legit or scam payment proof

How Works?

If is new to you then there are some questions left why pays you? and how they make money themself? To know ‘How it Works’ continue to read…

First you have to short the link by using and place it on your blog or anywhere you would like. When people click on your link they will redirected to a short ad(5 seconds) and then brought to your desired URL. You will get a money for that.

For instance,

  • If advertiser paid $2 to get 1000 visits to his site from any specific country or the whole world.
  • Shortest takes a cut. ( For example:- Shortest takes $0.4)
  • Shortest shows the advertiser’s business or product for 5 seconds when a visitor clicks on publisher’s links. And share the rest of $1.6 with publishers. Legit or Scam?

There are many scam ‘Shorten Links and Get Paid’ sites, so any person will have a question, is scam or legit? The answer is is 100% legit site, you don’t have to care about that. paying your earning money on time. I strongly recommend, Because personally I use site long time for making some extra bucks. If you’re still confused about the legitimacy of check the below payment proof.


Now you should be eager to learn little more about it so let’s continue and check out the pros and cons of

Pros and Cons of using


  • Free Sign Up process
  • Simple UI (User Interface)
  • Easy to understand
  • Low minimum payout($5)
  • Daily Payments are also available
  • Many tools are available to monetize your blog
  • Referral Program


  • Annoys visitors who click your link
  • Payout rates are quite low for some countries
  • Visitors who visits links must use Java Script and Flash Enabled browser to get publisher (shortener) credited for visits

Final Verdict:-

I hope this review helped you, if you have questions about this do let me know in the comments. Don’t forget to share your experience with 🙂



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