Guide: How to Save Battery in Samsung Galaxy S5 [Tips and Tricks]



Battery draining is the worst nightmare of SmartPhone users. Nowaday’s smartphone are power hunger. Most of the smartphone’s last only 8hours on regular usage. So saving some extra juice is essential to keep the device running if you can’t find a place to charge it. So I’m writing this guide to explain the methods to save battery in Samsung Galaxy S5. Most of the tips mentioned below are common to all android devices and some are only specific for Galaxy S5.

Galaxy S5 is equipped with 2800 mAh battery. You may think it has greater battery juice, but it is not much compared to other market competitors.

How to Save battery in Samsung Galaxy S5

Some Common tips to save battery on android device..

1. Disable Bluetooth, Wi-FI if you are not using it.

2. Disable Mobile Data connection if you don’t use internet.

3. Set the brightness of the screen to automatic and set it in minimum level.

Mostly a Device’s display consumes more power than any application. So reducing the power consumed by the display will really help you to save battery.

4. Set a short screen time out. (like 10seconds or something)

save battery in samsung galaxy s5

5. Set a simple static wallpaper.

6. Get rid of widgets. They consume battery  and ram for running in the background.

7. Disable data sync. So that your device’s CPU won’t run unless you run it.

8. Turn the vibration off. Because vibration motor consumes power each time you get a notification.

9. Turn off the power hungry applications like Facebook.

Apps like Facebook sync’s with its server at regular intervals. So closing these apps will save battery.

save battery in Samsung Galaxy S5

You can see that Display and Facebook have consumed most my battery.  So reducing the power consumed by the display and stopping facebook will surely help me to save some extra battery. You can close these apps by accessing app info and tapping on force close.  To do that go to Settings>Applications>Application manager>Select the application and tap on force close.

save battery in Samsung Galaxy S5

10. Turn off location services  if you are not using the maps to find your location.

11. Don’t install battery savers and ram saving apps. If you have installed any, uninstall them.

Most of the battery saving apps consume more battery than they save since they have to run in the background. Like that ram saving apps consume more battery and ram than they save. So these apps are useless. This is my personal experience and opinion.

12. Don’t use AntiVirus applications / turn them off.

Normally Android has an own defense mechanism to protect you against malware and viruses. If you run android without rooting and installing apps only from play store then possibility of getting a malware or virus in your device is 1 in a 100000. Before installing applications from playstore read the user reviews.

If you are more security conscious install an antivirus and disable real-time scan and background scan. or else force stop the antivirus application and run it when you need it (once a day or once a week to check the viruses.)

13. If you are in a poor network reception area, turn the airplane mode on.

Some Specific Tips for Samsung galaxy S5

14. You can Enable the power saving mode in your Samsung Galaxy S5.

 Go to settings>system>Power Saving>Power Saving Mode  to turn it on. You can enable it from your device’s notification center too.

save battery in Samsung Galaxy S5

15. If you are below 10 percent (or if you are low in battery). You can enable ultra power saving mode. In this mode, you will have some basic functionalities like calling, messaging, calculator etc in a black white screen.

Go to settings>system>Power Saving>Ultra Power Saving Mode to enable it.
save battery in Samsung Galaxy S5
16. If you notice any unusual app that drains your battery try to force close it. You can view the apps that are using battery by going to settings>system>battery.
mm-qc camera daemon may drain your battery. If it drains your battery restart your phone and make sure it has stopped. mm-qc camera daemon is responsible for functioning of your camera. some apps may crash and makes it run again and again consuming battery. This is a known issue in Samsung Galaxy S5 and there is no any specific remedy for this unless you find the app which causes it. Mostly instant messaging apps like Skype and Viber crashes it.
I hope these tips would save your battery. Stay tuned with us for more updates. If you have any other tips doubt feel free to leave a comment.

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