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Blogger dashboard have it’s own feature to check the blog stats. But the problem is blogger stats are not accurate as its shows. So today I’m here with a free tool to count your blog stats. The tech giant provide a free tool name called as Google Analytics which will let you to count the Realtime visitors, Pageviews on a single day or a month, exact posts that are being viewed and it also help you to monitor your site for bot traffic.

Just follow the below instructions to install google analytics to your blogger blog.

Steps to Install Google Analytics on Blogger

  1. Open Google Analytics and click on the “Sign into Google Analytics” link on the top right corner and login with your existing gmail account.

install-google-analytics-blogger   2.  After that, a new form will open and  you have to enter some details. Fill the form with required details such as account name, website name and website URL. Select the category of your blog & choose your country time zone.


3.  After entering the details scroll down and click on “Get Tracking ID” button. Then you must see a pop-up box where you need to select your country and click on “I Accept” button.


4.  After click on “I Accept” button you will be redirected to your admin panel. There you can see a Tracking ID like “UA-39******-*” at the top left corner and a Tracking code in a box. Now let’s move to the next step.


Add Google Analytics to Blogger

To add google analytics to your blog you have to perform 2 steps. First you have to add your Tracking ID in blogger settings and then put the tracking code in your template.

Adding Analytics ID to Blogger

  1. Go to Blogger dashboard >> Settings >> Other
  2. Now under the “Analytics Web Property ID” enter your Tracking ID in the text field. And click on “Save Settings” button.


Adding Tracking Code

  1. Go to Blogger dashboard  >> Template >> Edit HTML
  2. Backup your blog template. (Just simply copy the code and paste in a notepad or some where else in your PC. U may need it if anything goes wrong.)
  3. Now search for </body> tag
  4. And paste your Tracking Code just above it.
  5. Save the template.
  6. You are done!


Final words,

Now you have completed all the process of installing and adding Google Analytics in blogger. Now you can monitor your blog traffic.. Happy Blogging!


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