How to use Google Calendar Offline Without Internet


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Google offers many services. One of it is Google Calendar. A web-based calendar which can be accessed from anywhere in the world as all the data (events and appointments etc) are stored in their servers. Google has their official calendar apps for mobile and the calendar events can be incorporated into an Android or iOS device. But you need internet to access Google calendar in a PC by default. You can also use Google calendar offline if you don’t have internet and it will synchronize with it’s servers when there is an Internet Connection.

How to use Google Calendar Offline

1. Open Google Calendar and login with your google account.

2. Click on the Gear icon which located on the top right side corner and select offline.

Google calaender offline

3. A popup window will open up. Click install from Web Store.

Google calendar offline


4. It will take you to the Google Calendar in Chrome Web Webstore. Click add to Chrome.

Google calendar offline

5. A Confirmation will be asked. Click add.

Google calendar offline

6. That’s all. Google calendar will now work offline. You can access the app from Chrome App Launcher.

Google calendar offline

Note: 1. Do not enable this feature on a Public or Shared computer. Because anyone can have access to it.

2. If you haven’t signed into your Google Chrome using your Google Account, you may be asked to login when you add the chrome extension.


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