How to setup Tamil Font in Windows 10


Recently Microsoft released it’s most awaited operating system windows 10. It came with lot of new features. But unluckly it came with some problems too. The most important problem is it supports only english by default instead of all other languages. But luckily they had a option to add language you want. So here I’m write about How to add Tamil to windows 10 as it’s my mother tongue. You can use the same steps to add language you want.

Tamil in Windows 10

Step 01:- Click Start and choose Settings.

Step 02:- A new box will arise with some options and then select Time & Language.

Step 03:- After that select Region & Language there will be two options to select your region and language. Here you can select region as your wish and then choose Add language.

Step 04:- After click Add language it will let you to the language panel. In this post i’ve choosed Tamil. You can choose language as your wish.

Hope this will help you to solve language problems in your Windows10 installed Device. 😀


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