How to Root a Android Phone without any technical knowledge?

root a android
Normally Android devices are rooted to gain administrative level permission to the device. Normally carriers and hardware manufacturers put some limitations to your android device. but Rooting breaks all those limitations. Rooting will gives you authority to do tasks which are inaccessible for an ordinary user. Normally rooting is job which needs high technical skills and hardware knowledge. If i told you there are ways to root your device without any technical knowledge will you believe it? actually there are. Kingo is one of that method. Kingo offers one click rooting facility. You can root a android phone easily with Kingo.


It is my duty to explain the risk. So let’s see it. Usually hardware manufacturers doesn’t recommend ¬†rooting. Thus rooting Voids your warranty. If anything goes wrong, you will brick your phone (the state at which the phone will become unusable). But don’t worry Kingo has a good feedback and support. Let’s hope that everything will work fine.

Is You Device Compatible?

First of all check whether your device is compatible with Kingo by visiting this link.

How to use Kingo?

If your device is compatible then follow these steps.
First of all enable USB debugging mode which is usually present in the Developer options. If you don’t know how to enable USB debugging mode, search Google. because it’s location differs with Android version and Hardware manufacturer.¬†
1) Download Kingo by Visiting this link.
2) Connect your phone to the computer via USB cable after enabling USB debugging mode as i mentioned earlier.
3) Click Root.
root a android
That’s all. Now all you have to do is wait. (Kingo will automatically show some instructions, you have to follow them)
Please note that: We are not responsible for anything that happens to your phone while rooting. Please try this on your own risk.
Link to the home page :
Final Verdict.
You can root a android device without any technical knowledge using Kingo App.

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