How to Play YouTube videos on background [Android – No root required]



YouTube has a huge collection of videos including millions of music videos. Most of us use Youtube app for android to view and stream those videos especially Music videos. But the limitation in YouToube app is you can’t play or listen to the videos on the background. Google is introducing this feature as Google music key (A ad-free, offline, play in background experience for Youtube) but it invite only and Google is planning to charge a subscription fee. I’m sure that some apps that require root permissions provide background play for YouTube. So is there any way to play Youtube videos in the background in android without root access? yes. there is a way.

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How to Play YouTube videos on background

Step 1: Download and Install AudioPocket from Google Play store. It is a free app, currently in Alpha stage but works fine.

Play YouTube videos on background

Step 2: Open the YouTube app, play a video that you want to listen in the background and click the share icon.

Play YouTube videos on background

Step 3: Select the AudioPocket.

Play YouTube videos on background

That’s all. You video will be played in the background and can be controlled from notifications.

Play YouTube videos on background

You can add the video to the queue. If you simply share another video to Audio pocket using the above steps 2 and 3, there will be a queue of videos. and you can switch it by using the notifications.

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