How to Handle Unwanted friend Requests on Facebook?


Facebook is the place where we interact with people. One of the thing we consider when we interact with people is privacy. Sometimes a person whom you meet in a class or a college competition might send a request to you on Facebook. You can ignore that friend request but it will be shown to him as “friend request sent”, each time he views your profile this would destroy your relationship. You might be looking for a simple solution to over come this situation. Actually there is a way to overcome this. This solution is really simple and does not need high technical knowledge!

 So How to Handle These Friend Request?

Just click “confirm”  and make him as friend then get to his profile page and click “Friends” and click “add to another list” as shown below.

Then Select “Restricted” as shown below. That’s all!

What He/She will see?

He or She will see what you shares Publicly and You will be shown as his/her friends. In other words he/she will behave as a public follower. So this won’t affect you privacy.
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