How To Enable Automatic Call Recording in Android


 Automatic Call Recording

Most of us use Android Phones to satisfy our communication needs. Using Android has enabled us to do many things and has given us the power of customization, unlike any mobile operating systems. Sometimes we need to record some calls for some reasons but we may not know the exact time when we need it. So having Automatic Call recording feature will be a useful feature for us. Most of the Mobile phone manufacturers do not include this feature by default in their handset. but it can be brought to your Android phone using some third party apps.

How To Enable Automatic Call Recording in Android

Like I said earlier, It can be done using an app called Automatic Call Recorder which is available for free in PlayStore.

Step 1: Download and Install Automatic Call Recorder from Play Store.

Enable Automatic Call Recording

Step 2: Open the App. During the first usage, it will ask you to Choose a theme. Choose a theme and press next. The theme can be changed later if you don’t like it.

Enable Automatic Call Recording

Step 3: In the next screen you will be asked to setup a cloud account. You can choose either Dropbox or Google Drive as your cloud service. This will reduce the space usage in your device since the recorded files will be stored in the Cloud and you can access these files from anywhere in the world. If you don’t want it, you can skip this Cloud setup.

Enable Automatic Call Recording (3)

It will also ask you whether to increase call volume for better quality. So make a choice and press done.

That’s all. You will be shown your inbox for call recorder.You have enabled automatic call recording and Any new calls that are recorded will show up in the Inbox.

Enab Automatic Call Recording

How to use it?

You don’t have to turn on the recording manually. When you receive a call the app will start to record it. It will be notified using a red dot in notification bar during a call.

Enable Automatic Call Recording

After the call has ended, you will be shown a notification by the App about the new call recording.

Enable Automatic Call Recording

Tap on the notification to choose what to do with the recording. You can play it, save it if you want, create some notes about it, delete it and share it. In addition, you call that specific contact again or view the contact history from there.

Enable Automatic Call Recording

How to Disable automatic call recording?

Click on three dots on the top bar of the app, it will open up menu. Select settings.

Enable Automatic Call Recording


In the settings, untick call recordings.

Enable Automatic Call Recording


I hope this will be useful to you. Stay tuned with us. If you have any doubts and questions leave a comment or contact us using the contact page. You can also follow our Facebook page or our twitter account.


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