How to Disable Automatic App Updates in Android


How to Disable Automatic App Updating in Android

Auto updating of applications from play store is a built-in feature of Android. Google Play Store automatically checks for updates and download them as they are released. This is a useful feature for most of the users as they don’t have to download or update anything manually. and some of the application updates which require special permissions will be notified to the user.

Some of the android users think of it as an annoying feature. you know why? because it consumes their data. All the network operators don’t provide unlimited data plan. So some of us may be on a limited data plan and we don’t want to spend our valuable data on updating apps.

Google has added an option to disable automatic app updates. This tutorial will guide you towards disabling the automatic application updates in android. You can set it to update applications manually. If your main aim is to save your mobile data you can also set the settings to update applications over wi-fi only.

Here is How to do it;

How to Disable Automatic App Updating in Android?

1. Open the Google Play Store in your Android smartphone.

How to Disable Automatic App Updating in Android

2. Now you have opened the play store and you will see the over view. Open the menu by touch the icon on the upper left hand corner. The icon is shown in the below image.

Play Store

3. The Menu will be shown. Now select the settings.

Play Store Menu

4. In the Google Play store settings, select Auto-update apps.

Play Store Settings

5. A pop-up will show up with three options. Select Do not auto-update apps to disable the automatic updates of Apps.

Don't Auto Update

That’s all, you have disabled auto update of apps in your android smartphone

You can select Auto-update apps over Wifi only to disable the update of apps on mobile data. This will save your mobile data if you are in a limited data plan.

Final Verdict

Auto-updates of apps is a great feature from Google. Some of us may think that as an unnecessary one. If you think so you can disable it easily from Google play store settings to enable manual update of Apps.  You can also set the settings to update the apps while you are on Wi-Fi.


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