How to Convert Slideshare presentations as Animated GIFs?


Slideshare is one of the famous service which is used by millions to host presentations, infographics, documents etc. We can covert the SlideShare presentations as animated GIF images. This will come handy if we have to insert a  presentation in emails or a demo of our presentation. You can also tweet these GIF images. But unfortunately Facebook does not support animated GIF images yet. There is a web service called GIFDeck. This will help you to convert the presentations into GIF images.

How Does it Works?

GIFDeck uses your browser and GIF.js library to convert the presentations into GIF images. It makes use of HTML5 Canvas, Blob and Web Workers. Everything happens on the client side. Individual slides of a presentation are fetched using SlideShare oEmbed API. For bypassing the cross browser restrictions, it uses an iFrame based postMessage proxy.


So How To Do It?

 All you have to do is go to GIFDeck( , paste your slide share presentation link (URL) and click submit. You can also set the interval between each slide , number of slides to be included and the size by clicking the Cog wheel icon next to Submit button. 

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