Google Software Removal Tool for Chrome – Remove Suspicious Programmes

Google has launched a software removal tool for Google Chrome. The main intention of this software is to remove suspicious programmes and to ensure the smooth functioning of Google chrome without any troubles and problems. If your Google chrome is behaving in a unpredictable manner showing unwanted ads, toolbar, popups then definitely you need this tool. This functions more like the factory reset. It will help you to reset every settings and to make the Chrome look like while it’s installed.

How To Download Software removal tool for Chrome?

1) Visit Software Removal Tool homepage.
2) Click download button to download the Software removal tool for Chrome.

So How to Use Software removal tool for Chrome?

1) Open the Software removal tool (which you have downloaded from the above link). It will automatically look for any suspicious programmes in your computer.
2) A message will tell you how many programs were found, if any.
3) Click Remove suspicious programs. Wait until you see the message “Removal complete.” Some open applications may be closed in the process.
4)Click Continue. The tool will quit. (If your computer needs to reboot, the button will say Restart.)
5)Chrome will automatically reopen, asking you to reset your browser settings. Click Reset (if you want to reset it).
Note that by Clicking reset your history, saved passwords, cookies, bookmarks etc. all will be deleted. So please Click reset if you don’t want any data saved in your Google Chrome.

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