Download Android APK Files from Google PlayStore to Your Computer [How To]

Google’s PlayStore is filled with millions of apps. But the problem is Google has resticted the access to some of the apps based on your Andoid phone’s operating system, model and location. Sometimes you may want to run a android app which is not allowed to be downloaded from Google PlayStore directly to your phone. There is a way to do it. You can download the android APK file to your computer and install it. Let’s see how to do it!

How To  Do Download the Android APK Files?

1) Go to PlayStore.
2) Search and find the Android App you want to download.
3) Copy the PlayStore link of that App from the address bar of your browser.

4) Go to

5) Paste your App link and click go.

6) Your Apps will be shown there. Click download to download the APK file to your computer.


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