‘CD-ROM couldn’t be mounted’ Kali Linux Error Solved


cd-rom-couldnt-be-mounted-kali-linuxSo many kali linux users reported to Kali linux team about the error “Your Installation CD-ROM couldn’t be mounted. This is probably means that the CD-ROM was not in the drive. If so you can insert and try it again.” So here i came with a solution for the problem.

It’s not a big error as we think just follow the below steps to solve the error and install kali linux via USB.Β When the window shows CD-ROM couldn’t be mounted ,

  1. Unplug your USB from system and re insert it
  2. Wait for mount/ detection (usb LED glow)
  3. Hit Continue

That’s all…Β I hope this post help you to rid off from the problem. Lemme know if you know another workaround and I’ll be happy to include that in here.


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  1. I found out that when I use this “trick” when re-inserting the usb in my keyboard with integrated usb-hub, it doesn’t work. But it worked after I chose another usb-port for the “re-insert”.
    Hope this helps someone else.

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