Browse the Internet in Offline with Google Chrome [How to]

Usually we need internet to browse  the webpages. When you navigate to a URL, your browser connects to the internet and fetches the most recent version or copy of the website from the server where the website files are stored. If you are not connected to the internet, the browser will not fetch the website instead it shows a message “unable to connect to internet”. But we can use the Chrome to browse the internet while we are in offline.

How does it works?

Each time you browse a website / webpage, your browser (Google chrome and all others) store a temporary copy called Cache Copy in your computer. Usually browsers do this to load the websites faster. But here we are using it to view the entire webpage.

So How to Do It?

Open your Google Chrome browser, In the address bar type 
and press enter. This will take you to your a configuration page. Find 
 Enable Offline Load Stale Button
Help : To find this press Ctrl+F this will show the find box. Copy and paste the above text. This will get you there.
Now Click the default and Change it as enable. That’s all. Now navigate to any website (Which you have visited earlier) you will see a button “Open Saved Copy”. Click it. The website you intend to visit will be loaded.
Warning message : Warning! Do not mess with any other options unless you know what you are doing.
Alert message : This offline browsing option was added in Chrome V36. If you are using an older version this trick wont work. So update your browser to the latest version and try it.
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