Best Cydia Tweaks for iOS 7 [October 2014]


Cydia is the software which helps you to find and install software packages on a Jailbroken iOS device like iPhone, iPad, and iPod. Cydia tweaks help us to improve the user experience and also to add some additional functionality which are missing in iPhone. Usually Cydia apps are downloaded from famous repos like BigBoss, Modmyi, etc. Let’s see the Best Cydia tweaks for October 2014.

 Best Cydia Tweaks for iOS 7

1) Auki : Adds quick reply for Messages in iPhone

Auki is a quick reply tweak for iOS. You can reply to a Message from anywhere, Silent a message notification etc. Auki is fully integrated with iOS and can be accessed by a pull down gesture. Auki available in the BigBoss repo for $3.99.
Check out the video on Auki :


2) Almpoum : Manage taken screenshots easily

Almponum helps you to manage the screenshot taken by you. After taking a screenshot a popup will ask you what to do with it: whether to save it to photo gallery, copy to clipboard or to upload to Imgur. Almpoum is available for free from BigBoss repo.

Check out the video on Almpoum:


3) AskToCall: Adds a confirmation dialogue before calling.

AskToCall will ask for confirmation before calling from contacts. This will avoid the accidental call. AskToCall is available for free from BigBoss repo.

4) VideoGestures : Add gestured control to video playback.

After installing VideoGestures you can control the options like increasing volume, switching between videos by Gesture. VideoGestures  is availabe for free on BigBoss repo.

5) NoShutterSound : Removes camera shutter sound.

NoShutterSound silences the camera shutter sound. thus you can take picture silently. NoShutterSound is available for free from BigBoss.

6) FBNoNeedMessenger : Chat without Facebook Messenger.

With FBNoNeedMessenger you can chat with your facebook friends without installing Facebook messenger. FBNoNeedMessenger  is available for free from BigBoss.

7) vHome : Adds Homebutton

vHome adds a virutal home button to your iPhone just like assistive touch. But the difference is it will be added directly. So it will look like a home button on screen. Further you can adjust the brightness and re-position it. vHome is availabe for free on BigBoss repo.

Check out the video:

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